Spurt! Ostrich 1.5

Spurt! Ostrich 1.5



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Date Added:20 February, 2014

Author: iToyToy.com

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Awesome - the game is awesome there is many games similar but this one is the best

When I got this game I thought it would be stupid but the I played and I can tell you this is the best free game there is on the app store

I, like many of you, had found this game after playing the original Learn to Fly flash game.
This iPhone app version is an excellent addition to their series.
And whats great is you can actually play half the game and get ALL the upgrades with this free demo version.
Heres a quick list of game features you may or may not like though:

GRAPHICS - For this games theme the graphics are great, better than the penguin Learn to Fly flash version.

IN-GAME MUSIC - I liked it at first, it gives a relaxing, fun tone to the game, but after about an hour or so it really does get annoying.

CONTROLS - Supprisingly easy to master, but the left and right arrow buttons are unneccisarily small and are hard to hit quickly sometimes.

THE GAME'S FUNCTIONALITY - The gliders ability to swoop up and down is very unrealistic and so unlike the original game, once your character begins to fall you can hardly get back into the gliding motion. Since this is the free version, there are ads during gameplay, and when they pop up from time to time it glitches and deccelerates your glides, making you drop.

OVERALL RE-PLAY VALUE - (this means how fun the game is after you have already beat it once) This game becomes very overdone after beating it, it no longer has any real appeal to it, but I'd say if you spend a lot of money on iTunes apps its worth the 99 cents.

Amazing! This is the first ostrich who with great effort has finally learned to fly in the world.

When the game just starts, one can not fly very far. Don't forget it's an ostrich.
Try to finish each flight.
After every successful one, the ostrich will earn money to buy or update properties, which help him in the further flights.

Game controls:

Press left and right arrow button to control the ostrich's fly angle.
Press the round red button on the right to use rocket, which provides a short impulse.

Game hints:
- Buy wings first, then rockets. Consider fuel blocks later.

- Don't exceed the max speed in the meter in order to save fuel to fly further.
- Finish a flight as soon as possible for extra bonus.

Game story:

In Africa there was one particular ostrich who admired birds flying in the sky.
One day he decided to learn to fly.
He began the flights, running with strong legs and jumping from the cliffs.
With effort, he earned better wings and rockets, and flew further and further.
Finally, he flew into the real sky!

Congratulate him, the first ostrich flying in the world!

System Requirements: Requires iOS 3.1 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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